Wealth Preservation for Generations

Wealth Preservation for Generations

  Wealth Preservation for Generations is an opportunity for you to benefit from our tax and planning expertise. Your benefit will be multi-generational – you, your 1st generation and your 2nd generation.    For portfolios of $1,000,000, consider an “investment” of $400,000 where the potential benefit is over $1,500,000 to $3,000,000. Of course, every situation is different, but the benefits are real:    

  • Reduce your taxability of social security income
  • Reduce your tax liability of dividend income and capital gains
  • Reduce your Medicare premium
  • Reduce your estate tax liability (for larger portfolios)
  • Increase your itemized deductions for future years
  • Reduce your investment advisory fees, in many cases

Bottom Line. Your return on an “investment” of $400,000 can be two folds to five folds. Every case is different, and requires careful tax planning.  

Target Clients

 Our planning targets anybody who has an aggregate retirement portfolio over $500,000. Clients who are over 59 ½ years old will benefit even more. Note, retirement portfolio includes assets such as 401k, 403b, money purchase plans, profit sharing plans, traditional IRAs and other similar retirement assets.  

Give us the Opportunity

 We will review your portfolio for $100 nominal fee before you sign up for the complete tax planning service.

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About Lalit R. Shah, MBA CA


Lalit R. Shah is a tax planner and has been in business since 1974 (over 42 years). Some of his achievements include working at an international company where he handled taxes for 48 state taxes and international tax liability. He saved millions of dollars in taxes with proper tax planning and filings. 

Proven to Save Money

 Lalit has helped over 2,000 clients for the last 42 years and saved them thousands of dollars in taxes. He amends many tax returns prepared by other CPA firms or national tax preparation firms, where he found opportunities and got refunds of overpaid taxes. His client base ranges over 28 states.


  “I will help you to preserve your wealth for generations!” – Lalit R. Shah

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